Causes of the 1905 Revolution


Short Term Causes

  • The Russo-Japanese war - The defeat of the war humiliated the Tsar and showed his incompetence. He thought that he could win and by winning, he could distract the people of Russia from the problems at home. It also caused shortage of resources in Russia, especially for the economy.
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Long Term Causes

  • Russia's autocratic system of government. Many were not in favour of this form of ruling the nation, however the Tsar wanted to keep it this way.
  • 80% of the population were peasents. They would endure wide spread famines.
  • Proletariat would endure low pay, long hours, and poor working conditions.
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  • Bloody Sunday -  12,000 troops sent precautionary, even though it was suppose to be a peaceful protest. Unfourtantley 150,000 peaceful protestors were charged and shot at, resulted in 200 dead and 800 wounded. The previous bond between the Tsar and the people of Russian was damaged exstensivley.
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