The 1905 revolution causes

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The 1905 revolution causes: NOTE not everyone believes it was truly a revolution ­no
Long term- social
80% peasants- poverty
Rapid population growth ­ 98 million in 1885 to 125 million in 1905
Peasants reacted to famine with violence= had enough- attacked gov officials & destroyed
gov land holding records
Poor working & living conditions
Long term ­ political
No elected national parliament= demand for political reform- reformers nothing in common
apart hate for Tsar
Long term ­economic
Size of peasant landholdings fell
1892,1898,190- harvest failures= famine
Backwards agriculture compared to Europe
Rapid growth of population of towns & cities- crowded- would work for less because want
Bloody Sunday- spark
5th jan 1905
March led by Father Gapon
Winter palace- petition to Tsar
10,000 people
Higher wages, shorter working hours & free elections
Troops opened fire= killed over 100 demonstrators
Russo Japanese War- Catalyst
R underestimated Japan
Jan 1905- forced to surrender
J- better tactics & more modern army
National humiliation
J- knew position of R ships & when they would arrive
Unrest against the gov
Economic troubles/consequences


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