The causes of the 1905 Russian Revolution

What were the main causes of the 1905 Russian Revolution

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Russo-Japanese War 1905

  • Japanese inflicted embarassing defeats on the Russian Army and Navy in the Far East
  • Russians forced to surrender in Port Arthur in January 1905
  • Russian Basaltic fleet sailed around the world to confront the Japanese navy and was defeated at the Battle of Tsushima in May 1905
  • The defeats caused rebellions and protests across Russia
  • The Tsar was forced to sign a humiliating peace treaty with Japan
  • The war meant the Tsar had fewer troops in Russia to control the protests in the cities
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Bloody Sunday 1905

  • Workers in St Petersburg lauched protests and produced a petition demanding an 8 hour working day and an elected assembly
  • Father Gapon led the protesters 
  • Marched to Winter Palace in January 1905 to present the petition to the Tsar
  • The local authorities had to rely on the army to maintain control
  • The soldiers opened fire on protesters and killed at least 200 people
  • The massacre became known as 'Bloody Sunday'
  • Helped to unite different groups
  • Protests became more frequent
  • February 1905 - 400,000 workers went on strike as a consequence of the massacre
  • There were mutinies by some of the armed forces (such as on the battleship 'Potemkin') 
  • Most of the army remained loyal to the Tsar
  • The government began to make concessions to avoid a revolution
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