Causes of Stress/Measuring Stress - Evaluation (1)

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Causes of Stress/Measuring Stress - Evaluation (1)

Physiological Measures:


  • Quan data; Overcomes subjectivity of using a self-report
  • Baseline readings can show impact a stressor has
  • Measure hormones - can't lie about what drugs are in your system; avoids Social Desirability Bias
  • Objective; scientific; can't be falsfied; can't lie about their stress levels.


  • Don't allow you to measure psychological measures only physical
  • We aren't wholly sure we're measuring stress levels - Might be measuring stress levels
  • We don't know what stress reactions caused the stress - lack of qual data
  • May feel like their privacy is being invaded by using electrodes to measure their responses
  • Lots of things can mimic stress levels; But if take a baseline you're looking for the increase, doesn't matter where it starts.
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