Catfish Key Scene Micro Analysis


Opening Sequence

- non-diegetc soundtrack of 'good vibrations' sung by a childrens choir,

- montage of clips/pictures of Abby painting,

- montage of facebook/maps showing how far apart they are,

- correspondences between the pair - conversations, self-concious captions, pictures of all the family, sets up narrative

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Megans House

- darkness/handheld camera - blair-witchesque,

- non-diegetic soundtrack of slow, low strums on a guitar - ticking clock? tense,

- shaky close-up of map moving closer to destination,

- non-diegetic music gets quieter as they get closer - diegetic dialogue more audible,

- close-up of Nev as gets letters from letter box - see window in BG - sinister, waiting for something to happen,

- yellow subtitles of what they're saying, emphasizes they have to whisper, also brings attention to dialogue of "This palce gives me the creeps" etc,

- only lights are dashboard lights and headlights from car - creepy/sinister, lights up abandoned tractor and horse trailer,

- no soundtrack just white noise,

- non-diegetic car door beeping as they get out to look in barn - reflection on window sinister,

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Beach Scene with Angela and Abby

- non-diegetic soundtrack of soft piano - hopeful, slightly nostalgic, 

- two shot of Angela and Nev looking over sea - can see let down, looks at her occasionally,

- diegetic soundtrack of waves and talking under music,

- shots of them playing in the sea - realisation,

- shots of Angela laying casually over bench, sitting casually - awkward - slight dramatic irony,

- two shot of Angela and Nev walking to car,

- yellow subtitles to emphasize what Angela's saying "But you hardly got to talk to Abby"

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End sequence - Angela Paints Nev

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