Vertigo - Gavin

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  • Gavin - Tom Helmore
    • Appearance
      • Moustache
      • Styled up hair
      • Suit and Tie
    • Personality
      • Dishonest
      • Anxious (start)
      • Killer (Cruel)
      • Bad friend/ colleague
    • Progressed
      • Tried to frame Johnny/ Scottie
      • Becomes more of a bad character
      • Kills wife
    • Key Scenes and Quotes
      • ELSTER: Scottie, do you believe that someone out of the past, someone dead, can enter and take possession of a living being?
      • But I realize now that the deep change began on the first day I brought her to San Francisco. You know what San Francisco does to people who have never seen it before. […] She had found what she was looking for, she had come home. And something in the city possessed her.
      • Start Scene talking about wife
        • End when he is seen in tower


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