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when and where did the earthquake occur

where did it occur?

it occured North of Pakistan which sits on destructive plate margin where the Indian plate margin is being forced under the eurasian plate 

when did it happen?

it happened on the 8th october 2005 at 8:50am and hit 7.6 on the richter scale

other information:

the depth of the focus was 16 miles and the epicentre located Northern Pakistan

it was a result of movement along the plate margins and caused damage to an area of 30,000 km 

within 19 days there were 978 afterschocks recorded at 4 on the richter scale

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economic impacts


total cost was $5 billion

whole villages and thousands of buildings destoryed 

80% of the town called Uri was destroyed 

total cost of rebuilding was 3.5 billion


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social and environmental impacts


80,000 deaths

hudreds of thousands people were injured

3 million people homeless

water piplines and electricity lines were broken 

landslides buried people and blocked roads

diesases spread easily 

freezing winter conditions caused more casulties and made resuce difficult


landslides and rockfalls fell throughout the area

as a result of the earthquake the ground shifted by more than 5km 

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help didnt reach many of the affectd areas for days. many people had to be rescued without help from the emergency services

tents, blankets and medical supplies were distributed within a month 

international aid and equipment had been sent in 

the federal relief commission and the earthqauke reconstuction authroity were set up to coordinate activities with othe rinternational agencies and NGO's

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no hazard management

there was no disater planing in place

buildings were not designed to withstand earthquakes. many of the houses were stucutally poor and then collapsed

communications were poor 

roads constructed badly 

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