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Caen protected on 3 sides by river and estuaries, also with strong walls and a great citadel.

English mounted artillery on 2 abbey towers they stormed in the suburbs.

Cannons were effective and but erratic, weakness was unreliable power.

Strong wall breached in several places, Henry calls for a surrender, if refused there would be no quarter.

Upon refusal Henry led assault on east side, whilst brother Clarence led assault over river on west side.

Sir Edmund Springhouse was a knight to Henry, he fell off wall in assault and burnt alive by French, this enraged English.

English won with Clarence and Earl of Warwick fighting all the way through to Henry.

As result roughly 2,000 inhabitants (men, women and children) were gathered and butchered in marketplace.

Caen was sacked and survivors suffered plunder and ****.

2 weeks later garrison in citadel surrenders, by then city was almost restored.

Henry was housed in citadel and gave best houses to soldiers. He also installed refurbished chapel in citadel.

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  • Terror spread among Normans allowing Henry to overrun all lower Normandy by spring 1418 without little or no resistance at all.
  • This also included the Contentin, from Evreux up to Cherbourg.
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