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The Peasants Revolt
When the Black Death swept Europe in 1348-1351 it left about 30% of the
population dead. This greatly affected the English peasants because there was
a labour shortage and food was scarce. Even some thirty years later, life had
not returned to normal -the settled and structured…

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The Peasants Revolt
Land workers
Large families
Some skilled

Village Reeve
Organises the village
Quite wealthy
Still a peasant
Most important peasant

A peasant's life
Strict Freedom
Cannot leave the manor without the Because the lords are too busy doing
lords permission other things,…

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Word Definition
Manorial control Type of system of running a village
Holdings Land a peasant works
Assart To claim land for agriculture from woods
Demesne Land the lord owns and peasants work
Arable Growing crops and not farming animals
Entry fine Pay to inherit a tenancy
Commutation Paying the lord…

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The Black Death in England

How devastating was the Black Death?
30-40% mortality rate
Whole villages and towns simply ceased to exist
Oldest, youngest and poorest died first
5 ­ 6 million deaths in England

How far was the spread of the plague the fault of human activities and failures?…

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Did Medieval Hospitals help the sick?
1200 hospitals
o London's could hold 200 patients
o Others had 5 ­ 6 beds
Only 10% actually healed
o Herbal remedies
o Praying
o Feeding
o Warmth
Wards would have special diets
When a patients left, the hospital would give them some money…

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Those who survived the plague had more land and could demand higher wages for their
work and lower rents on the land because of labour shortages

The diet of the peasantry improved with more meat involving beef and mutton
Housing also improved for the peasantry, with larger and more…

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1356 John II captured, massive Kings ransom
1358 Jacquerie, French peasants revolt
1360 Peace, forced to sign a peace treaty
During the peace Money needed = taxing = the poor = poll taxes, to pay for the war
1369 War starts again
During 1369 - 1381 Successful generals (Bertrand du…

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Edward then captured Calais
1348 ­ Order of the Garter created
1355 ­ war restarted
1356 ­ Black Prince's victory at Pointiers, capturing the French King
1360 ­ Treaty of Bretigny
Edward renounced his claim to the French throne for the whole of Aquitaine
o French declared war again,…

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o John Wycliffe
"When Adam delved and Eve span who was then the gentleman?"
"We have no sovereign to complain too"

The Good Parliament

King turns to tax to pay for war
£100,000 from clergy and people
House of Commons agrees to a one off tax on parishes


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It started with people avoiding the tax
In February to March 1381 the returns of collections of the third poll tax found a nationwide
shortfall. One third of those who had paid the tax in 1377 were missing, 458,000 were
missing London and 102,000 were missing in the south east…


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