burgess model

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burgess model

the burgess model is the circular catergory system that shows the land layout in a MEDC

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part one: CBD

the cbd is the central business district

it mainly consists of shops as its function is usually retail. it tends to have high pollution levels as there is a lot of traffic

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part two: INNER CITY

poor housing qaulity, densly packed as the land is expensive.

its function is residential and industrial as it used to be and sometimes still is home to factories

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part three and four: INNER AND OUTER SUBURBS

cheap land, pre war housing. semi detached. less dense and mainly residential.

outer suburbs detached housing. residential and more spacous so less dense

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part 5: RUF

RUF (rural urban fringe)

farms,shops, business. greenfield sites

multiple functions, agriculture, residential, retail

low density, where most of the green land is.

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