A settlement is a place where people live.

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site and situation

what is a site?

 A site describes where the town is located.

 What is is a situation?

A situation describes where the settlement is and the relation between its surrounding enviroment.

An ideal site is likely to have:

  • Defences
  • Building material
  • A dry-point
  • A wet-point site
  • A fuel supply
  • Food supplies
  • nodal point- where several vallies meat to make a route centre.
  • Bridging points
  • Shelter
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Settlement patterns

Settlement patterns include:

  • Dispersed settlement
  • Linear settlement
  • Nucleated settlement

Hierachies:Referes to the arrangement of settlements within a given area.

Sphere of influence: Is a division over which a state or organization has significant cultural, economic, military or political influence.

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Hoyts model and Burgesas model.

Hoyts model: This is based on the circles on the Burgess model, but adds sectors of similar land uses concentrated in parts of the city.

Burgess model: This model is based on the idea that land values are highest in the centre of a town or city. This is because competition is high in the central parts of the settlement

Surbabia: Is a residential district located on the outskirts of a city.

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