Brown vs Topeka case

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Brown vs Topeka case

  • There was a major backlash for the south in this case
  • Linda Brown, a young girl who lived in Topeka, Kansas had to walk to a school over a mile away, crossing railway tracks. She had to go there just because she was black and could not got to the school around the corner because she was black.
  • The government decided to abolish segregation in schools after her parents took the case to supreme court and was passed by chief justice warren.
  • The NAACP backed the trial and Thurgood Marshall pushed the case for the  Brown family.
  • After the trial segregation was banned in schools because it was against the constitution and left black children with a feeling of inferiority and thus ruined their life chances.
  • However the KKK were not happy and so influenced many of the southern schools to go private and reject the black students from joining "on the grounds of learning".
  • The south took advantage of the level of clarity and "interpreted" the rules in a different way.
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