Breast feeding vs Bottle feeding

All about advantages and disadvantages of bottle and breast feeding

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What is breast feeding?

Breast feeding is the natural way to feed your baby.

Early on in the pregnancy the breasts enlarge and begin preparing for the job of supplying the baby with milk.

Colostrum ( clear colourless substance) is produced in last 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Milk is produced when baby is born.

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How often should babies be fed?

Within first few days baby wont take much milk.

After first few days babies become hungry and need lots of food.

They may want to be fed between 10-12 times in 24 hours.

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The advantages of breast feeding

* Its safe

* Free

* Always available

* Contains antibodies for baby which protects them against infections

* Baby is less likely overweight .......get indigestion constipated......get eczema or  nappy rash

* Good bond between mother and baby

* Gives women a good figure

* Makes mothers uterus shrink back to normal size

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Ellesha Mears


Breast feeding in better the bottled milk because breast milk has antibodies in it which helps the babies immune system and creates a stronger bond between mother and baby. 

Some people would argue that bottle milk is better because it's less tiring for the mother and you can see how much the baby is taking. 

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