Bottle Feeding

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  • Bottle feeding
    • Bottle Feeding
      • Mothers who chose not to breast feed can bottle feed their baby with formula milk.
        • Formula milk contains all the vitmains and minerals a baby needs but doesn't offer the same protection from infection that the breastfeeding does.
      • Some babies are allergic to cows milk and a soya based formula may be used.
      • Milk can be brought in a powdered form to be mixed with water.
        • Liquid milk can be useful for travelling and emergency, but is expensive and wasteful.
      • Different milks are produced for different ages.
    • Sterilisation
      • Greater risk of babies developing illness and infections if bottles aren't made up correctly and hygienically.
      • All equipment must be carefully sterilized as milk is a breeding ground for bacteria.
      • Two main methods
        • Steam sterilisation
        • Cold water/chemical sterilisation
      • In an emergency bottles and teats can also be sterilised by boiling them for 10 minutes
    • Bottle Feeding Safely
      • When bottle feeding, you need 6 bottles and teats, a bottle brush and sterilizing equipment.
      • Bottles should be an easy shape to hold.
        • Wide neck
        • Correct size teats
        • Graduated
        • Easy to read measurements on the side
        • Able to be sealed for storage and travelling
      • Always
        • Wash your hands throughly
        • Rinse, wash and sterilize all equipment.
        • Make up feeds using the correct amount of cooled boiled water and powder, following instructions.
        • Check milk is correct temperature before feeding.
        • Make fresh feed each time and throw away after an hour.
      • Never
        • Reheat a feed
        • Use damaged equipment.
        • Microwave a feed
        • Make feeds to strong.


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