Breast feeding vs bottle feeding

Te advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Bottle feeding

If mothers can not breastfeed or prefer not to, they can bottle feed their baby.

The advantages include:

  • Fathers may find it easier to feed their baby
  • Parents know how much milk baby is getting
  • normal routine can continue if mother goes back to work.

Disadvantages include:

  • Quite expensive to buy formula and equipment
  • Takes time to make
  • Everything must always be sterilized.
  • formula must be added precisley to avoid problems.
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care should be taken that babies are given as much contact and cuddles as they would do if breastfed.

Bottle feeding RULES:

Never reheat milk in microwave

never leave babies to feed themselves

always check use-by dates

Throw away unused milk left in bottle, do not reheat!

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Breast feeding

The government wants all mothers to breastfeed, however woman will choose depending on their personal wishes.

breastmilk is perfect for a baby, and for the first three days COLOSTRUM is produced which is a rich source of protien and antibodies.

Advantages for mother:

  • Bonding
  • Helps mother to regain her figure by using up calories
  • helps uterus return to shape
  • No equiptment needed
  • No preparation and always available
  • Milk can be expressed and refrigerated for 24 hours and frozen for 1 month.
  • It's free!
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Advantages for baby:

  • Milk always contains the right amount of nutrients
  • milk contains anti-bodies
  • breastmilk is easy to digest
  • The quality is consistent
  • Reduces chance of eczema, nappy rash, gastroeneritis and obesity.

Some women choose not to breastfeed because...

they may feel embarrassed in public places, concerned the baby won't get enough milk, returning to work.

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