Bloody Chamber Characters

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- 1st person, retrospective narrator
- Heroine
- No name, relates to all women
- 'Damsel in Distress' -
appears to be very vunerable and innocent, however Carter empowers the female characters in her stories and the heroine enjoys being with the Marquis
- Creative -
plays the piano and imaginative, creates beautiful things, contrasting to the Marquis who is violent and destroys beautiful things

"ceased to be her child in becoming his wife" - always owned by someone, not own person
"I was 17 and knew nothing of the world" - helpless and naive, virginal
"my naivety gave him some pleasure"
"must have been my innocence that captured him"
"child that i was, I giggled"
"potentiality for corruption" - dimensional, isn't the typical innocent girl that she is made out to be, transition from girl to woman
"I was not afraid of him, but of myself" - female strength and discovery

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The Marquis

- Antagonist
- Narrator's new husband
- Mysterious, referred to only by his title which shows wealth and heritage, French

"much older than I"
"streaks of pure silver in his dark mane" - silver = wealth, mane = animalistic qualities
"almost waxen face"
"seemed to me like a mask"
"I have acquired a whole harem for myself"
"familiar treat with a weary appetite" - objectifies women, has had much experience and is becoming bored of his new wife already, contrasting to her youth
"savour the rare pleasure of imagining myself wifeless" - doesn't truely want a wife? Society dictates he has to/has to marry the women he wishes to murder
"curious mixture of mockery and relish"
"my little nun has found the prayerbooks, has she?" - mocking towards the narrator, belittles her and enjoys her shock
"monsterous presence"
"the puppet-master...impotent at the last"

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Jean-Yves (Piano Tuner)

- Marries the narrator after Marquis' death
- Feminine attributes
- Blind - 
cannot see the narrator's red mark, Marquis attracted to narrator purely for looks and youth, blindness means he loves her only for her personality; contrasting

"slight, stooping figure" - not imposing like the Marquis, vunerable not threatening
"far more terrified of me"
"boy's face"
"his eyes were singularly sweet"
"full of the loquacity of embarrassment"
"humbly as a little dog"
"touchingly ingenous smile"
"his lovely, blind humanity"
"he sees me clearly with his heart"
"my lover kissed me" - referrs to him as her lover, despite not being intimate with him, married but in love with another man

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- Female strength and dominance, offers a reversal of roles as she acts as the 'knight in shining armour' type role

"eagle-featured indomitable mother"
"shot a man-eating Tiger with her own hand"
"beggared herself for love" - moral, married for love not wealth
"grown magnificently eccentric in hardship" - widdowed but strong
"her questions, her concern" - good instinct, recognises something wrong with her daughter without her explicitly saying so, strong mother-daughter relationship
"when i thought of courage, i thought of my mother"
"a crazy, magnificent horsewoman in widow's weeds"
"never saw such a wild thing"
"her white mane"
"as if she had been Medusa"
"the maternal telepathy"

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