Trangression in The Bloody Chamber

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Transgression in The Bloody Chamber

There is a lot of transgression in Angela Carter's collection, mostly thanks to the violently sexual nature of many of the stories. Several characters break moral and societal boundaries thanks to their obsession with death, sex or both.

In The Bloody Chamber, the Marquis breaks moral and societal boundaries by fusing ****** love with death .His bloody chamber, a "room designed for desecration", hides the corpses of his previous lovers. By murdering people, he breaks a significant boundary. By combining a sexual element with death, he expands his transgressive nature and tackles several taboos head-on. The way in which he breaks free from society is disturbing and unnatural. Yet, as with many Gothic stories, his evil is punished when he is murdered by the protagonist's mother, and a sense of resolution is present at the end of the story.

In The Snow Child, the Count breaks more boundaries, and in a more disturbing way, than perhaps…


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