Biology End of Term Exam revision (ENERGY TRANSFER T2(pt3))

Types of farming (intensive+free range)

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What are the two types of farming?There are two types of farming which both provide advantages and disadvantages for animals and humans (as the CONSUMERS)

Intensive farming:This is a CRUEL but EFFECTIVE way of farming. There is MORE GROWTH, due to LESS MOVEMENT and LESS REQUIREMENT TO MAINTAIN BODY HEAT. This is also effective to produce more eggs if chickens) and more meat(if cattle). A disadvantage is that the animals are unable to behave naturally, which can cause stress as they are living in CONFIDE SPACES. Due to the confide spaces, the animals may be at a higher risk of CATCHING AND PASSING ON DISEASE.

Free Range farming:This is a more natural method to farming, which is a little less productive than intensive farming due to more energy being lost on MOVING FOR FOOD and MAINTAINING BODY TEMPERATURE, as well as GROWING. However a small advantage is that animals can lead a natural life, which again comes with dangers (animals have to keep safe from predators). Although it isnt nice to admit, intensive farming is a lot more productive and cheaper than free range farming

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