Biology B2 Topic 1

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Respiration !

  • Respiration is NOT breathing in and out.
  • Respiration is the process that breaks down Glucose in order to Release Energy.
  • All living things respire.
  • Aerobic Respiration needs plenty of oxygen.
  • The Equation for respiration is:

Glucose + Oxygen --> Water + Carbon Dioxide (+Energy)

  • The circulatory system carries Glucose, Oxygen and Blood Around the body in the Cells.
  • The Glicose needed for Respiration comes from the food broken down in the Digestive System.
  • Oxygen comes from the air breathed in to the lungs.
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) is released when we breathe out.
  • Difussion is the Movement of Praticles from a place with High Concentration to a place of Low Concentration.
  • when cells respire they use up Oxygen and Glucose and so there is a higher concentration in the Blood.
  • Due to this, the substances difuse from the blood in to the Capillaries.


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Respiration and Excercise !

  • Muslces need Energy from respiration to Contract.
  • While excersising, more energy is needed and so due to this oxygen is required in larger amounts.
  • This is known as Increased Respiration.
  • When doin heavy workouts Oxygen
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