Biology Unit 1

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A Healthy Diet:

A person who doesn't eat a balanced diet may become MALNOURISHED.

Carbohydartes, fats and proteins:

  • used to release energy
  • provide nutrients to build cells

Mineral ions and vitamins:

  • needed in small amounts so cells can work properly

Possible effects of an unbalanced diet:

  • being very overweight or underweight
  • deficiency diseases casued by too little of a nutrient
  • conditions such as Type 2 diabetes
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METABOLIC RATE is the rate at which all the chemical reactions are carried out in the body.

Metabolic rate is affected by many factors:

  • how much muscle you have
  • how much exercise you do

The body gains energy by eating food. Energy is used during exercise. The balance between energy taken in and energy expended affects your mass.

Inherited Factors:

INHERITED FACTORS are not lifestyle factors, but they can affect health. For exmaple, some people have genes that give them higher blood cholesterol level than other people who eat the same diet.

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