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  • Fitness and Health
    • Circulatory System
      • Carries oxygen and glucose in your blood.
      • Heart relaxes to fill with blood, and contracts to squeeze the blood out.
      • Put under pressure when sent to the arteries.
    • Blood pressure
      • Measure of force of blood per unit area -mmHg.
      • Represented by systolic pressure and diastolic pressure.
      • Reduce high blood pressure by regular aerobic exercise, and having healthy diet.
      • High blood pressure - Excess weight, High stress levels, Excess alcohol, High saturated diet, Smoking
    • Causes of heart disease
      • High blood pressure, smoking, too much salt, high-fat diets
    • Health and Fitness
      • Health - free from infection
      • Fit - how much activity you do and quick your body recovers


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