Believing in God - GCSE RE

General notes about the topic 'Believing in God'

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Atheism - believing that God doesn't exist

Agnoticism - not being sure whether God exists

Benevolent - the belief that God is all-loving/good/kind

Conversion - when your life is changed by giving yourself to God

Causation - the idea that everything was caused by something else

Design - when things are connected and seem to have a purpose

Numinous - the feeling of a presence greater than you

Miracle - something that breaks the law of science, seems like God must've done it

Natural Evil - things that cause suffering but aren't to do with humans

Omnipotent -the belief that God is all-powerful

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Keywords cont.

Omniscient - the belief that God is all-knowing

Prayer - an attempt to contact God, usually through words

Moral Evil - actions by humans that cause suffering

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The design argument

Complex things must have been designed ---> they must have a designer ---> the universe is complex ---> therefore the designer must be God

e.g.Paley's Watch

The criticisms it could face are that evolution happened where things had to adapt to their environments to survive.

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The idea that everything was caused/started off by something else

Cause and effect

You could prove it is true if you see the cause and or effect

However - what about the chicken and the egg??!

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The Search for Meaning and Purpose

How it could lead to a belief in God:

At some point in there life, someone might ask questions like Why am I here? or What's the meaning of life? To find the answers, they will turn to religion. They may start going to church, or go to an alpha course, or just pray. These could help, because if their prayer is answered, there must be a God, or they could have a religious experience, and from this, it could lead to a belief in God.

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Problem of Evil and Suffering

This is one of the strongest arguments against the existence of God, because there are so many things to make you wonder why he would let this happen.

Surely if there is evil and suffering in the world, God can't exist or be all 3 of omnipotent/scient and benevolent - he could know it was happening and be able to stop it, but not care to; he could care and be powerful enough to stop it, but not know; or he could care and know it was happening, but not be strong enough to stop it.

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