Basic English Grammar

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English Grammar

Noun- A noun is a place, person or thing. For example: Anna took the dog to the park.

There can be different types of nouns such as Abstract Nouns.

Verbs- A 'doing word' which is an action. For example: James fell in the hole.

There can be different types of verbs such as Imperetive Verbs.

Adjectives- An adjective describes nouns. For example: The movie was great.

There are different types of adjectives such as Indefinate Adjectives.

Adverbs- An adverb describes verbs. For example: The ball moved slowly through the air.

There are differnt types of adverbs such as Adverbs of Manner.


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English Grammar

Personification- Personification is describing inhuman things as human. For example: The palm tree waved.

There are different types of Personification such as Ordinal Personofiaction.

Onomatopoeia- Onomatopoeia is the sound used for a word. For example: I heard the bees buzzing.

There are different types of onomatopoeia such as Direct Onomatopoeia.

Simile- A simile is to describe two unlike things together which is seperated with either 'like' or 'as' . For example: John was as big as an elephant or John leaped like a frog.

There are different types of simile such as an Epic Simile.

Metaphor- A metaphor is to describe to unlike things together which is seperated by 'is'.

For example: Liam is a lion. One type of a metaphor is a Mixed metaphor.

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English Grammar

Alliteration- Alliteration is a string of words which begin with the same sound. For example: The smoking sausage sizzled.

There are many types of alliteration such as assonance and consonance.

Hyperbole- A hyperbole is when something is over-exaggerated. For example: The fish I caught was one milimetre bigger than yours so I thrashed you.

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