marriage and family

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christians attitudes to sex outside marriage

Christians bieleve that sex shoud only take place between a man and a women married to each other.Sex outside marriage is wrong because:

  • Sex given to humans by God for plesure and bond,procreation of children.
  • The bible says fornication is sinful and christians should follow teaching of bible.
  • The catechism teaches pre-marital sex is wrong
  • All chirgtians are against adultery because it is a sin
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The purposes of marriage in catholic christianity

The Catholic church teaches that God created man and woman for each other in the sacrament of marriage.Purposes of catholic marriages are:

  • Life long relationship of love and faithfullness
  • Couple can have support and comfort
  • for procreation
  • Bringing up of christian family

Marriage is one of the seven sacraments of the church and as such it is a sign of grace.

These purposes can be seen in cermonony where the pre-cana discusiions,exchanging of vows,ring,bible readings,homily and prayers.

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Christian attidueds to divorce

The catholic church does not allow religious divorce of re-marriage.It is a sacrament and the only way it can be dissolved is by a death of one of the partners or if the marriage is anulled.

  • Jesus taught divorce is wrong in marks Gospel.Christians should follow jesus.
  • The couple have made a covenant with God it cannot be broken.
  • The church teaches very clearlt in the Catchechism that a marriage canont be dissolved and so relisgious divorce is impossible.Catholics should follow the teachings of the church.

Other christians disapprove of divorce but allow relligious divorce aand re-marriage is the marriage has broken down because christianity teaches forgiveness.

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Why family life is important to christians

  • purpose of catholic marriage is to have children and bring them, up in a secure and loving cahtolic environment.
  • Catholism teaches that family was created by God and is the basic unit of society.
  • The family is the place where children learn the difference between right and wrong, so without family there would be more evil in the world.
  • Having Family is an expected outcome of a catholic marriage
  • Christian children are expected to look after there parents when they are no longer capable.   
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How catholic parishes help with upbringing of chil

Catholic parishes help parents with the upbringing of their children by:

  • Supporting the local catholic schools
  • Running classes for first communion and confirmation
  • Running childrens liturgies
  • Running Youth clubs and youth activities.
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Christian attitudes to homosexuality

Catholics believe there is nothing wrong with friendship between homosexuals of relationshups as long as there is no sexual activity because this is the TEACHING of the church.

Evangelical protestants:
Evangelical protestants believe that homosexuality is sinful because it is condemmed in the bible.

Liberal Protestans:
Liaberal protestants believe that homosexuality is acceptable because it is natural and christians should love and accept everyone.

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