B7- Controlling blood sugar

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1. Insulin controls blood sugar level.

2. When you eat a food high in simple sugars, the sugar is quickly absored into your blood which rapidly increases your level of blood sugar.

3. Your pancreas produces insulin to remove sugar from the blood. 

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Type 1 diabetes

1. Type one diabetes occurs when the pancreas stops producing insulin

2. This means that sugar is not being removed from the blood.

3. Therefore the blood sugar level rises to a high level.

4. It can be controlled by injecting insulin into the blood at mealtimes.

5. The injewction has to contain the right amount of insulin otherwise too much sugar will be removed from the blood. 

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Type 2 Diabetes

1. Type 2 diabetes usually occurs due to poor diet and lack of exercise.

2. It is known as late onset diabetes. 

3. It happens when the body stops responding to its own unsulin or the body stops producing insulin.

4. This means that the blood sugar level to rise to a dangerous level.

5. It can be controlled with a good diet and exercise.

6. Eating foods rich in fibre and carbohydrates are digested slowly which means that the sugar is absorbed into the blood at a slower, more controlled rate.

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