B7- controlling blood sugar

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  • Controlling blood sugar
    • Insulin
      • Controls blood sugar levels
      • High simple sugars cause your blood sugar levels to rise rapidly
      • This is because simple sugars are digested and absorbed into the blood really quickly
      • The level of sugar in your blood needs to be kept steady- body uses insulin to control it
      • When the blood sugar level gets too high,the pancreas releases insulin which causes sugar to be removed from the blood
    • Diabetes
      • Type 1
        • Pancreas  stops producing insulin
        • This means that the blood sugar level of a person suffering from type1 diabetes can rise to a dangerous level
        • Controlled by injecting insulin into the blood
      • Type 2
        • Late onset diabetes- caused by poor diet or being obese
        • The body no longer responds to its own insulin, or doesn't make enough. blood sugar can rise dangerously
        • Controlled by exercise and eating carefully controlled diet


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