Attraction of celebrity

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Social explanations - para-social relationships

  • individual is attracted to another but the target individual is unaware
  • common among celebs and fans
  • they are common due to the there are no demands and no rejections
  • meta-analysis showed that people are more attracted to to people who are on the tv and are attractive and similiar to their self
  • no evidence to say that teenagers are the only ones involved in these relationships
  • people who are socially acitvated and motivated are more likely to engage in paraosocial relationships
  • parasocial relationships offer social benefits such as generosity and culutral values
  • studies have shown that there is a percieved reduction in uncertanity about soical relationships
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Absorption-addiction model

  • most people go beyond the entertainment scale
  • motivational forces driving this absorption can become an addiction
  • this then leaves to worse behaviours
  • there are 3 levels to this process:

1. entertainment-social: fans attracted to celebs due to ability to entertain and to become source of interaction

2. inetense-personal: aspects of the worship become more intensive and complusive feelings become

3. borderline pathological: uncontrollable behaviours and fantasies about the celeb

  • Maltby et al (2003) used EPQ to asses the relationship between celebs and personalities
  • found the entertainment scale was accosicated with extraversion
  • intense level accosicated with neuroticism which is linked to anxiety which is why these relationships may be linked to mental health
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Evolutionary Explanations

1. attraction to creative individual:

  • humans beings have a love of neophillia
  • females have greater desire moer than ever to find someone who has this trait
  • musicians, artisits display such characterisitcs which is why we are drawn to them
  • sexual selection may say why we are drawn to them

2. celeb gossip

  • exchange of social interaction been going on for years
  •  gossip creates social bonds
  • can also effect rivals positions
  • researchers suggest that we believe people who are within the media to be in our soical group
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Commentary on evolutionary

  • there is an enzyme that has been stuided which shows that we this may link to our love of neophillia
  • no explanation as to why such traits as creativity in musicians would have been attractive to ancestral members of the opposite sex
  • media expsoure lead to the misperception that celebs were in our soical group and that gossip is useful in finding out information along with the media so studies have said
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