PSYA4 Attraction to Celebrity(2)

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    • Attraction of Celebrity
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        • Celebrity Gosspie
          • Reynolds believed that evolution programs humans to find certain individuals attractive because they share similar genes thus have same perception of beauty
          • De Backer found that interest in celebrity gossip is a by-product of an evolved mechanism useful for acquiring fitness-relevant survival information
    • Evolutionary explanations can be used to explain the attraction to celebrity such as the attraction to creative individuals.
      • Humans posses a love of novelty because musicians and artists display these traits so we are inevitably drawn to them.
        • Miller argued that although natural selection favours the development of skills that enhance survival, sexual selection might favour minds prone to creativity.
    • The evolutionary explanations can be used to explain the attraction to celebrity through celebrity gossip
      • The exchnage of social information about other group members might have been adaptive for our ancestors when they started living in larger social groups.
        • DeBacker suggested that our minds are fooled into regarding media characters as being members of our social network.
          • Thus, celebrities trigger the same gossip mechanisms that have evolved to keep up with affairs of in-group members
      • Dubar reported that 2/3 of conversations are spent on social topics supporting the idea that language evolved for social purposes


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