AS Business Studies - Employing People

Topic 10 of AS Level Business Studies

Key Terms and Definitions

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Temporary Employee

"Someone who is employed for a fixed period of time, usually in order to perform a specific service that is not already present in the business, (i.e IT, Website creation etc.)"

    + Give flexibility to a business with more skills

    + Cut Costs

    - May be less motivated as they are not commited to the business

    - Customers and other Workers may not like constant changes in work force, which may affect motivation

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Permanent Employee

"Someone who is employed on a permanent contract, and can either work full time or part time based on their hours."

Full Time

Work over 30 hours per week

    + Always available in the business to handle unexpected events

    -  Higher costs as they are on a fixed wage

Part Time

Work under 16 hours per week

    + Flexibility, as workers can be used to cover extra work or provide extra skills

    -  Harder for the worker to access training opportunities




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Consultants and Advisors

When a firm needs help or advice on the the running of their business, they may hire consultants or advisors:

       " Business or individuals who provide professional advice or services for a fee, often on how to make the business more successful "


    + Business benefits from specialist skills without employing new workers

    + Business can easily adjust size of their workforce

    - Consultant or Advisor will not know the business as well as employees

    - Consultants may not be as motivated as they are not committed to the business

    - High cost for the period of time they work for



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