AQA AS Business Studies: Specification and more!!!

Hey, this PDF has the specification as well as really useful links to different quizzes and powerpoints for the Unit 1 AQA AS Busienss Studies exam! Simply click on the words that are blue and underlined. This is really helpful with revision! Please rate and comment on how to improve  :D

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tutor2u Business Blog ­ Specification Map

Starting a Business
This section provides candidates with an introduction to the scope of Business Studies within the
context of starting a new business. Candidates will be expected to have an understanding of the range
of activities involved in setting up…

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tutor2u Business Blog ­ Specification Map
· factors influencing the choice of sampling and the target market will influence the choice of
methods. sampling method and size of sample.
Understanding Markets Candidates should be aware that markets take
· the nature and types of markets different forms,…

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tutor2u Business Blog ­ Specification Map

Using Break-Even Analysis to Make Decisions Candidates should understand how start-up
· contribution and contribution per unit businesses may use contribution and break-even to
analyse the impact of different costs and prices,
· calculation of break-even output
and make decisions on…


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