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Humans depend on plants

  • Humans depend on plants for foods because they are at the start of the food chain
  • Plants use sunlight to convert CO2 and water into complex organic compounds e.g  carbohydrates
  • Animals eat and digest nurtients from the plants which is neccesary for growth
  • We grow plants for either direct consumption or to feed to animals e.g. cows which then we eat later on.
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Pesticides, Fertilisers, Antibiotics

  • Fertilisers Increase crop yield because they contain minerals that plants need growth for e.g. potassium
  • Minerals in soil are used up during crop gowth and the fertilisers replace this.
  • can be made naturally e.g. cow manure or artificially by humans.


  • chemicals that kill pests that would normally feed on the plant - this increases crop yield.
  • Pests can be microbes, insects, or even rats
  • May be only specific and kill one type of pest but others can kill all of them that could have otherwise  helped them.
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  • Animals that are farmed for food are given antibiotics to kill or inhibit the bacteria inside the animal.
  • reduces energy that would have been used on killing the bacteria which means theres more energy for growth- increases food production
  • can increase growth rate and size of an animal e.g. turkeys go through this process commonly.


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