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Microorganisms and food

Preventing food spoilage

COOKING The heat denatures the enzymes and other
Kills the microorganisms

PASTURISING Heating to 72C for 15 seconds
Cooling rapidly to 4C, killing harmful

DRYING, SALTING, COATING IN Dehydrate any microorganisms
SUGAR As water leaves them by osmosis

SMOKING Food develops a…

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Microorganisms and food

Using microorganisms to make food


Is milk affected by Lactobacillus bacteria
The Lactobacillus uses the lactose sugar in milk lactic acid = causes the milk protein to
Yoghurt can help to ensure that our digestive system contains the non-pathogenic bacteria it
needs to aid digestion…

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Microorganisms and food


How do microorganisms cause food to spoil?

Microorganisms can start to digest food
Things happen externally and the food may begin to smell sweet
This is the smell of sugars released from polysaccharides.
Other organisms may release their waste products into food, these may act as…


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