area of study 3.1 miles Davis all blues

area of study 3.1 miles Davis all blues

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  • made in 1959
  • Davis created modal jazz
    • folky style
    • it uses fewer chords and is more based on the melody
    • it has typically longer pieces
  • this was recorded in 1 take
  •  the players were told:
    • the main theme
    • the scales/modes in which to improvise
    • the basic structure
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  • the head melody (main tune) lasts 32 bars
    • played by muted trumpet for 12 bars then developed and regurgitated
    • the melody is based on a simple motif
      • upward major 6th to b
      • long note sustained and ornamented
      • then the tune moves stepwise around the scale
  • the sax riff is the bass
  • apart from the head all other parts of the melody are improvised
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  • simple texture of melody over riff based backing
  • the accompanying wind plays 3rds/4ths whilst piano and bass have seperate riff
  • the cymbal have a sweep texture
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  • g major tonality without g#
  • modal features in solos
    • g and c mixolydian are used
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  • jazz harmony- 12 bar blues as the basis of head motif
  • although based on 12 bar blues some more complex chords are used- g7
  • chord pattern is known as 'the changes'
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mellow and very cool- created by Harmon muted trumpet, ghost notes and rests

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  • Intro
  • Head- trumpet
  • Davis solo- trumpet
  • Adderley solo- alto sax 
  • Coltrane solo- tenor sax
  • Evans solo- piano
  • Head
  • Outro
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rhythm and metre

  • moderate pace- jazz waltz triple metre
  • rhythm is swung
  • lots of syncopation 
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