AQA Chemistry Core

Key Points of the AQA Chemisrty Corse

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Rocks and building

  • all substances are made of atoms
  • elements are substances made of only one type of atom
  • symbols are used to show what happends in chamical reactions
  • limestone is used as a building material and to make quicklime, cement and glass
  • thermal decompostion of limestone makes quicklime and carbon dioxide
  • the formula of a substance shows the number of atoms of each element that have joined together
  • cabonates of metals decompse when heated to produce the metal oxide and carbon doxide
  • we can represent chemical reactions bybalanced equations
  • in a chemical reaction the mass of the reactants is eual to the mass of the products
  • adding water to quiklime prduces slaked lime
  • lime water is used aas a test for carbon dioxide
  • mortor can be made by mixing slaked lime, sand and water
  • cement is made by heating a mixyure of limestone and clay
  • concrete is made by mixing cement with sand, stones or crushed rock and water
  • glass can be made from limestone, sand and sodium carbonate
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Rocks and metals

  • an ore contains enough metal to mskr it worth extracting the metal
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