AQA, A2 Travel and Tourism- TALC Model

Key facts about the TALC model including examples.

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Exploration- AMAZON

  • Few numbers of tourists
  • Host community are wecoming (get tourists involved)
  • There is a 'true culture'
  • Minimal tourist accomodation 'unspoilt'
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Involvment- KENYA (tribal areas)

  • Visitor numbers increasing slowly
  • Host community promote area
  • Host community involved with tourism (souvineer stalls)
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Development- NEWCASTLE

  • Visitor numbers increasing
  • First package holiday introduced
  • Recognition as a tourist destination
  • Tourist attractions being developed (promote natural attractions)
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Consolidation- YORK

  • Tourism numbers increasing slowly
  • Economy reliant on tourism
  • Host community speak out (conflict may arise)
  • Carrying capacity reached (begin to exceed)
  • Infrastructure improved
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Stagnation- NEWQUAY

  • Facilites begin to decline
  • Strain on the environment (soil erosion)
  • Host community become hostile (dont liek the tourists)
  • Visitor numbers level off (may start to decline)
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  • Numbers decrease dramatically
  • Reputation and image is poor
  • Facilities are run down
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  • Rebrand- give a new name
  • Rejuvenate- bring back to life
  • Regenerate- change to new market
  • Money is invested in the destination (pier rejuvenated)
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