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  • Private Sector Organisations
    • Hotel Developers
      • Large groups with hotels worldwide
      • need to build worldwide to keep up with competition
      • Built for tourists
    • Landowners
      • Act as a guardian in preservation and conservation of land
      • Often choose to use their land for tourism development purposes
    • Development Companies
      • Very much involved in tourism development overseas
        • These countries lack knowledge and investment
    • Consultancies
      • Similar to development companies
      • Deals with legal matters, consumer trends and planning
      • Analyse consumer trends and market needs
    • Sponsors
      • Increased free advertising
      • Improved image
      • Increased sales and income
      • Successful sponsorship can help attract visitors and income
    • Retail
      • Brings people and income
      • Promoted by local and regional tourist boards
      • Significant in the travel and tourism industry
      • Others can also benefit
    • Entertainment and Leisure
      • Essential component of tourism development
      • Only as successful as the number of people they attract
      • Theatres, Night Clubs etc.


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