Tourist Area Life Cycle [TALC Model]

If anyone is doing the TALC Model for their Travel & Tourism exam, I have typed up simple summaries of each of the 6 stages of the model and underlines 3 features of each stage to make it easier to remember for the exam. On some, I have also provided examples of destinations that fall within that specific stage of the TALC. 

In case anyone is slightly lost exam date wise, unless it is changed, the dates are as follows: 

Responsible Tourism (Code: 6993) is on the 21st January 2013

Sales and Promotion (Code: 6996) is on the 28th January 2013

(This information is from the Edexcel exam timetable. I recommend checking it along with AQA for your dates so you can prepare a revision schedule if necessary)

I wish us all the very best of luck in these exams (we'll need it!) ^_^

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The Tourist Area Life Cycle [TALC Model]

Natalie Smyth Form: T3


Underlined phrase = One of the three key characteristics for this stage ­ remember this
for the exam!!!

E.G.: An example of a place that applies to the stage

Stage One: Exploration

A small number of tourists independently…

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Stage Four: Consolidation

Tourism has become an important economic and social activity, adversely affecting
`traditional' economies and lifestyles. Agricultural land is given over to resort building,
without a simultaneous benefit in increased wealth, jobs, etc, in the local community.
Resentment occurs. Numbers of tourists continue to rise but the rate…

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**Please note: Once a destination in the TALC model as reached Stage Five,
they will EITHER Decline or Rejuvenate.**


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