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Chopin - 'Raindrop Prelude'

1838              ROMANTIC

Tonality:        Db major -> Enharmonic to C# Minor -> Modulates to F Major

Harmony:       Pedal Notes           Cadences

                      7ths and 9ths                                         Structure:     ABA CODETTA 

Instruments:   PIANO ONLY        (Cantabile Legato)                         TERNARY

Texture:          HOMOphonic and MONOphonic

Melody:          A section = RH Melody                            Rhythm:       4/4

                       B section = LH Melody                            * Use of chromatic chords and 

Tempo:            Rubato (Pulling speed about)                           varied dynamic contrasts

                       Ritenuto (Slowing down at end)

Dynamics:       Starts SOSTENTO      PIANO (p)      FORTISSIMO (ff)    PIANISSIMO (pp)

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Handle - 'And the Glory of the Lord'

1741            BAROQUE

Tonality:        A Major -> Modulates to E Major

Harmony:       Diatonic Chords              Tonic Pedal Note            PERFECT + PLAGAL Cadences

Instruments:   SATB

                       2 Violins      Viola      Cell + Chamber Organ   (Basso Continuo)

Texture:          POLYphonic some HOMOphonic       use of immitation

Melody:          1. 'And the Glory' - Syllabic                              3. 'And all flesh' - repetiton

                      2.  'Shall be revealed' - descending sequence     4. 'For the mouth' - Tonic pedal

Dynamics:      determined by pitch

Tempo:          3/4          ALLEGRO (start)      ADAGIO (end)

Structure:       4 ideas (above)               Rhythm:          Crotchets and quavers        Hemiola

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Mozart - 'Symphony no 40'

1788               CLASSICAL

Tonality:         G Minor       1st Subject: G Minor         2nd Subject: Bb Major

Harmony:         Root position triads           Dominant 7ths            Chromatic Chords

Instruments:     NO TRUMPET or TIMPANI   

                       Flute      2 Oboe     2 Clarinets    2 French Horns   Bassoons

                       2 Violins   Viola     Cello     Double Bass

Texture:            HOMOphonic some POLYphonic          Immitation and PEDAL NOTES

Melody:            Sequences + Balanced Phrases        MODULATION, TRANSITION, INVERSION

Dynamics:         Good Range                 Tempo:              MOLTO ALLEGRO

Structure:          SONATA Form =    Exposition -> Development -> Recapitulation

Rhythm:             4/4                      

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