Anti-Semetic History

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Nazi Policies and Laws

The Nuremburg Laws (1935) regulating Jews to status of second class. 1st law = citizenship of the Reich could only be given to people of German blood. 2nd Law = defined Jews as being those who were not of German blood, marriages between Jews and German Nationals were forbidden.

June 1937 - a secret decree by held rich was made that declared Jewish women who had sex with German men had to be sent to concentration camps.
August 1938 - all Jews had to adopt a second name (Sarah for girls, Israel for boys).

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  • isolated the Jews by separating Jewish communties from the non-Jewish population in Germany and Poland in the 1939. 
  • Jews had to wear specific hats, and marks to display that they were Jews and were treated very poorly. 
  • with the implemention of the Final Soultion the Germans destroyed the ghettos. 
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Madagascar Plan

  • to move gfour million Jews from the Europe to the island of Madagascar. 
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