Anthropometrics and Ergonomics

Anthropometrics and Ergonomics for people with exams on it

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  • Ergonomics is the science of designing products, systems and environments for human use.
  • The main objective of ergonomics to the designer is to improve peoples lives by increasing their comfort and satisfacton when interacting with products, systems and environments.
  • To do this data about the size and shape of the human body is needed, this is called anthropometrics
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  • Anthropometrics is a branch of ergonomics that deals with human measurements in particular their shapes and sizes.
  • Anthropometric data must take into account the greatest possible number of users, so this data exits in the form of charts which provides measurements for the 90% of the population that falls between the fith and 95th percentile
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Applications of Anthropometrics

  • Anthropometric data is available from the British Standards Institute (BSI)
  • The 5th percentile is the size/dimension at which only 5% of the population is shorter than
  • The size/dimension that only 5% of the population is taller/larger than is called the 95th percentile
  • When designing a product the designer should ignore the 5th and 95th % and design the product to suit the 90% in between who make up the majority of the users
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