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ANARCHISM…read more

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Liberalism connection- Based on the
sovereign, autonomous, rational individual.
Usually hostile to religion-enslaves human
beings by superstition and prejudice in the
interests of the ruling elite
Socialism- Hostility towards existing society,
desire to overthrow institution of private
property and to create egalitarian society.
Revolutionary socialists are close to
anarchists, yet part on the view of the state. A
revolutionary state for anarchists would be as
bad as any other.
HOW IT DIFFERS- No authority should be
able to restrain individuals. Any external state
is oppressive…read more

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Anarchists therefore do not form political
parties- but tend to organise themselves in
Within political activity there can be no
restraint on individuals- people must do
what they see fit. Hence those who oppose
violence feel obliged to defend those who
do out of principle.…read more

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Anti Statism
An autonomous, rational individual
overrides any collective identity. Identities
are diversions created by ruling elites to
confuse people. The state exists to oppress
the individual.
BAKUNIN- The only valid authority is one
that is voluntarily accepted by the
It is unnecessary as well as undesirable.
ACTIVITY. Humans are naturally
cooperative.…read more

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Stateless Society
Stateless society= UTOPIAN. Possible
because of their view of human nature
(even more so than liberals and socialists)
Established society is unnatural. Hierarchy,
authority and religion are artificial
constructs of the elite to oppress the
Individualist anarchists agree humans do
not require stability of any collective social
Humans have the capacity to regulate their
own live. For anarcho-communists this is
seen in a self regulating free market.…read more

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Political Practice
Anarchists believe democracy is a sham.
Achievable through revolutionary means or
setting up small pockets of anarchist societies.
MUTUALISM- how production might be
organised in an anarchist society
Proudhon- Attacked property on the basis it is
a result of coercion and theft. Society built on
capitalist rights would inevitable impoverish
and destroy the majority of the population.
Advocated a system of democratic associations
of workers- workers would have an absolute
right to an equal share of the output of their
enterprise.- Human nature is about social
solidarity…read more

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