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Measuring Waves

  • The amplitude of a wave is the height of the wave crest or the depth of the wave trough from the middle
  • The bigger the amplitude of the waves, the more energy they carry
  • The wavelength of the waves is the distance from one wave crest to another
  • One wave crest passing a point each second is a frequency of 1Hz
  • Frequency: the number of wave crests passing a fixed point every second
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  • Sound is caused by mechanical vibrations in a substance
  • Sound cannot travel though a vacuum (e.g. space)
  • Sound waves are longitudinal
  • Sound waves need a medium (substance) in which to travel through
  • Echoes are due to sound waves reflected from a smooth hard surface
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Musical Sounds

  • The pitch of a note increases if the frequency of the sound wave increases
  • The loudness of a note increases if the amplitude of the sound wave increases
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