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Mass num = pro + neu
Atomic num = pro/elec
Work out the structure for Fluorine, Oxygen, Magnesium, Uranium
19 16 24 238
9 8 12 92…read more

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Work out the number of neutrons
and protons in the following
3 isotopes of Lithium
This changes the structure of Nucleus
and could make it UNSTABLE.
This will be a radioisotope…read more

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A unstable nucleus will emit radiation
until it becomes stable
This is where radiation knocks off an
electron. This can lead to mutation.
Which type of radiation is the most
Videos to show comparison
Click here to find out more
y/types.htm…read more

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This is the time it takes for half of the material to decay. It is completely random
and unaffected by temperature or pressure.
Click on link below and answer the questions…read more

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Due to properties and half life of isotopes they are used for many useful purposes
Video to show medical use
Click here to see how it is used…read more

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