Poem to help remember all the Equations

Small poem I've done to help me remember all the physics equations needed for the AQA Additional Physics GCSE exam - hope it helps!

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Additional Physics ­ The Equations
Here are equations for your physics exam,
Learn them, and here's the plan.
With knowledge and amazing poetry,
You'll learn that PD is mass times velocity.
While sitting in my Mancunian class,
I learnt momentum is velocity times mass.
My teacher taught me this, but no one else cared:
Kinetic energy is half speed times power squared.
All this revision is causing such a fixation,
I learnt resultant force is mass times acceleration.
While everyone was off playing chess,
I found out weight is mass times GFS.
Holiday was cancelled so I boarded a barge,
And found out energy transferred is PD times charge.
In a physics instance,
Power is current times potential difference.
I was working, but mother was watching Morse,
Change in momentum over time taken for change equals force, of course!
Charge is current times time,
As I discovered when composing this rhyme!
There we have it, and soon you'll see,
You'll get an A, and it's all down to poetry.


Miss KHP

Great tool! Memorable, catchy and well written poem. 

Make your revision fun!

Great for GCSE Additional Science.


Very good one !


Very good one !




I'm a camel

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