Abu Ghraib

Key issue for social approach

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Abu Gharib

  • Prison in Iraq guarded by American soldiers
  • In 2004 there was a public outcry as pictures and descriptions of torture published in media
  • Examples of torture - beating with bats and threatening dog attackss

Blind Obedience - obey orders against moral code - soliders did this at the prison

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Application of Key Issue


  • Participants were willing to harm through electris shocks when given an order from authority figure
  • Soliders would obey orders to torture form an authority figure
  • Participants distress as went against moral code but still continued with study like soldiers

Milgram Agency Theory

  • Soldiers are trained to be agents of authority and society
  • As solider were in agents following authority fiures were not in an autonomous state
  • Didn't feel responsible as followed orders and in agentic state

Social Identity Theory

  • US soliders = in group, prisoners= out group
  • In group has past of mistreating out group
  • To establish social identity, soliders accepted the groups norms and values of abusing prisoners
  • Soldiers want to promote interests of in group over the out group
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