Agency Theory Description and Evaluation

Pretty much everything you need to know about Agency Theory to descibe, evaluate or use as evidence!

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  • Agency Theory
    • Desciption
      • Agentic State
        • Will obey orders without taking responsibiliy. Can be destructive or self-destructive
      • Autonomous State
        • Act according to moral compass, take responsibility. To point of disobeying orders
      • Agentic Shift
        • The change from autonomous to agnetic state (vice versa)
      • Legitimate Authority
        • Figure of authority to agent, cause of obedience
      • Moral Strain
        • Physical signs of distress when acting against morals
      • Responsibility
        • If responsibily removed (eg onto LA) then obedience is higher
      • Evolution
        • Milgram believes heirarchy developed from group survivial
    • Strengths
      • Supporting Studies
        • Milgram
        • Meeus and Raaijmaker
      • Evidence
        • My Lai, Abu Ghraib
      • Application
        • Military, court
    • Weakness
      • Opposing theories
        • French and Raven Social Power Theory
      • Critisms of studies
      • Doesn't explain
        • WHY so autonomous and some agentic


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