Abu Ghraib Prisoner Abuse Poster (Social Approach Key Issue)

in the social approach, our key issue was the abu ghraib prisoner abuse that happended in 2004. i'm not sure if other schools have 'key issues' or if you do, then this one, but i thought that this could help you if you have done about the horrific abuse that happened at abu ghraib. there's also a good video on youtube that's in about 6 parts, i think it's called "the ghosts of abu ghraib" hope i've helped!

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What Happened At Abu Ghraib?

As you must have all heard, it was found that throughout 2004 many US Military Police were forced to take on the role of Prison Guards at the Abu Ghraib
prison. Under this role, many of them began to abuse the prisoners with horrific acts…

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What Actions Can Prevent This?

All military guards and personnel should be completely trained physically and psychologically before entering a similar environment. Also, there should be more
guards so that there could be a wider shift rota, across days rather than hours to prevent the same people forming social behavioural…


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