A Man for all Seasons

This is what i wote about for Robert Bolt's play A Man For All Seasons. This is for a character question.

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Out Line

Robert Bolt's play A Man For All Seasons is about how one should stay honest to 'his' self.

This is demonstrated though Thomas More's personality as he stays true to 'his' self despite pressure from the state to change his opinion on King Henry's divorce.

As a result of this More is...

  • A role model to the audience as he does not change his morals
  • Respected by others
  • This is shown with Bolt's technique of alienation technique 
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Show's the main theme

Shows the main theme to the audience. "A Man's obligation to his self," is shown.

Even though More struggles to maintain his area of self hood he still does which goes in contrast with all other characters in the play. He is willing to sacrifice his friends and family rather than his morals.

"Yes, a man's sole is his self." Meaning that More stays true to his sole.

"But what matters to me is not whether it's true or not but if i believe it to be true." This shows that More thinks about it before he say/does something. What he says he personally thinks.

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A role model to the audience and other characters

Throughout the play Thomas More is the only character who stays with his own original morals.

  • Ropper changes his religious believes. Initially he was not religious but then he became religious. Even though this is a positive change it is still a change which shows he is not certain in what he believes in.
  • Norfork changes his thoughts about divorcee to better suit the King.

These changes of other characters contrast with More which puts more emphases on how he stays true to his self.

Quotes to show this are,

  • "Because you're honest...There are those like Norfork who follow me because I wear the crown...and there is you." This is from Henry to More. 
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Alienation Technique

Because Bolt uses alienation technique we can focus on the theme rather than take pity for More. The alienation makes this feel like a play rather than like a real event.

This is done by

  • A common man
  • Costumes- the common man gets dressed on stage
  • Change of scene is only done with change of lighting

As a result we can focus on the theme as we do not become emotionally attached. This is more so to reason rather than to entertain.

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