How does Mary Shelley create a sense of dread and horror up to chapter 5 in the novel ‘Frankenstein’?

How does Mary Shelley create a sense of dread and horror up to chapter 5 in the novel ‘Frankenstein’?


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How does Mary Shelley create a sense of
dread and horror up to chapter 5 in the novel

Mary Shelley wrote the novel Frankenstein. The novel is also known as the modern
Prometheus. Mary Shelley, her husband Percy and Lord Byron went to Lake Geneva.
Lord Byron challenged the…

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dreary, evil and deadly. `Yellow' is a colour most commonly used in dangerous and
dreadful creatures for the eyes and body so it makes the monster look bloodcurdling.
The words `open' and `breathed hard' give the feeling of something is going to happen, a
feeling of tension and suspense because…

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can be a blossom or a flower or a seed starting to grow into a bud or flower. The dream
starts off in a cheerful manner, but the fear starts to occur after he `embraces' her.
Embrace is when you meet someone, shake their hands, hug them or kiss them.…

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deceived." It is symbolic of Frankenstein (the monster) because the monster stopped
the doctor from being with Elizabeth.

It may be a symbol of science because it is repeatedly shown in the novel as an
alternative way of understanding the world to that offered by religion. The monster is

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compassionate words and then when he stretched his hands out, he probably wanted to
hold Victor and hug him for creating him; for giving him life again. But Victor probably
thought he was trying to attack him so he escaped, but I think that the monster
wanted love which was…

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galvanism is the contraction of a muscle that is stimulated by an electric current).
Victor had never heard of these theories or ideas before about electricity. This was
new to him and in future when he made his monster he used electricity from lightning
to stimulate the body of movement.…

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Walton already knew about the ancient mariner and his punishment for killing the
albatross, and that is why in his second letter to his sister near the end he tells her he
will kill no albatross."I am going to unexplored regions, to the land of mist and snow;
but I…

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I think Shelley started with the letters and used a frame narrative because she
wanted to make it more interested and engage the reader, and make them wonder
what story is going to be told by the stranger. It is a unique way of starting Victor's
story, instead of just…

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with destroying the monster remains equally secret until Walton hears his tale.
Whereas Victor continues in his secrecy out of shame and guilt, the monster is forced
into isolation by his monstrous and hideous appearance. Walton serves as the final
confessor for both, and their tragic relationship becomes celebrated in…

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selfishness was abandoning his own creation and he lost dear ones as a result of him
being selfish.
The similar qualities which Walton and Victor shared were curiosity, loneliness,
selfishness, and a desire to conquer the unknown. Both started with their similar
situations, goals, attitudes and qualities, but Walton was…


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