Description - fireworks

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  • Fireworks!
    • As the writing is descriptive, there is no need for a storyline as such
      • Writer uses the five senses to write in vivid detail
    • Notice how there is contrast between the heat earlier in the day and the coolness of the evening
    • The description is of a display in a pub garden
      • the "shadowy figure of a man" lights the fireworks which are at a safe distance
    • the fireworks are lit with "a taper" = safety?
    • the fireworks once lit are described as bright and liquid - almost as if they are a type of fiery water
    • the writer uses a lot of onomatopoeia - "bang" "crackle" "fizzled" "pops" "boom"
      • there is a lot of colour in the writing, which, combined with the sounds, makes it very vibrant


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